Enterprise Services

Whether you’re growing your business, or growing your capacity to service customers or communities, growth comes with its challenges.

The right ICT solutions can better equip you to manage costs, streamline, improve comm​unications and protect your information. But which ones will work the h​ardest for you.

Understanding your specific need​s, our advisors can identify growth triggers and tailor solutions to help unlock value and opportunity.

Managed Networks

Dynamic Bandwidth Expansion

Cost-Efficient Connectivity Optimization

Instant Incident Detection & Resolution

Centralized Network Monitoring

Dedicated Internet

In today’s business, connectivity is crucial as it supports various aspects of your business operations. Be it communication channels for your CRM, supply chain management tools, internal, regional or cross-border communications, or information sharing, all of it requires a stable and reliable Internet connection. Maximum uptime is a non-negotiable requirement to ensure seamless business operations.

RocketNet Enterprise can provide you with a perfect leased-line or Diginet solution by routing your Internet traffic through our MPLS backbone. Our solution is fast, reliable, and secure, with round-the-clock support to ensure always-on connectivity.

Metro Ethernet Cloud Connect

Connecting multiple branch networks in the most efficient and cost-effective way requires the strongest possible link to the cloud. The ideal solution for this is through high-speed, high-availability, low-latency, and low-jitter broadband, which can be delivered through Ethernet-based connectivity over RocketNets world-class network.

As strategic partners with multiple vendors, we offer connectivity through a variety of last-mile service providers. We allocate capacity in real-time to bypass congestion and deliver converged voice, video, and data streams, Direct Internet, Hosting, Software as a Service, and the full suite of cloud services..

Microsoft Office 365

Collaborate, create, and communicate with our range of flexible Microsoft products trusted by millions across the globe.

Hosted SharePoint

Control anytime, anywhere access to your web-based collaboration platform, hosted and managed in our cloud.

Server virtual hosting

Access y​our servers in the cloud, hosted, managed and secured by us. Save on costs and licencing.

Online backup service

Prevent mission-critical data loss. Implement encrypted backup and email archiving in the cloud.